Insolvency & Recovery Services

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With a wide range of professional financial services that can help you restore or conclude your business, Clark Oliver can help ensure that your business is wound up successfully, migrates its assets to a new company or receives the necessary capital to help it prosper.

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Creditor Pressure

If you have creditors persistently chasing you for payments that you are struggling to pay, then you will need to consider some of the options available to you. We can provide company directors with options at a time when it feels like they have none.

Cash Flow Problems

Do you have more money going out of the business than the money coming in? It could be a temporary issue or it could mean there are bigger issues that will need to be addressed to save your business.

HMRC Debts & Arrears

Any arrears to HMRC need to be dealt with immediately otherwise late or delayed payments can alert HMRC to outstanding debts and prompt them to issue a Winding-Up Petition against your company.

Winding-Up Petition

If your company has recently received a Winding-Up Petition it is crucial you contact us immediately when the petition has been received as there are more options available to your business.

Time to Pay Arrangements

If you are behind with your tax and paying late then you should consider a Time to Pay Arrangement with them. This would assist with cash flow allowing you to repay what you owe over a longer period and to eventually bring your tax affairs up to date.

Accelerated Payment Notice

If you have been served with an APN and are concerned that you may not have the money that is being demanded, fear you may have to declare yourself bankrupt, re-structure your businesses or go insolvent, speak to our highly-skilled team.

Business Finance

If your business requires funding, then it may be time to consider various finance and funding options in order to effectively move forwards. We have solid relationships in place with a number of industry leading finance providers who can assist with the ultimate funding requirements for your business.


Liquidation can be used as a viable way to restructure your business in a new entity and leave behind historical debt. Directors are given the opportunity to re-open another company and buy back the assets and goodwill to enable the business to continue.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) is a legally binding agreement introduced by the government in 1986 as an alternative to companies facing liquidation. It's used mainly by struggling businesses looking to repay the company’s creditors over a period of time (usually up to 5 years) whilst continuing to trade with the prospect of once again regaining profitability.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

A Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is where the shareholders of a solvent company go through a voluntary winding-up resolution and appoint a Liquidator to realise the assets of the business to enable a distribution of the proceeds to company members. An MVL is the formal liquidation option for solvent companies.

Pre-Pack Administration

A Pre-Pack Administration is a mechanism used to sell the business and assets of an insolvent company. The assets are usually sold under a pre-arranged sale whilst the business is preserved and migrated to a new Company. This is agreed with the Administrator (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) prior to his/her appointment.